About Us


TrenDigi Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012 with the concept of innovation in technology to develop apps on different mobile OS, to design cloud storage solutions, to provide enterprise integration, to perform marketing programs, and to cooperate with corporations.

The company was founded by the young generation with vitality to develop integrated services and goods to the market. Started by a few ex-EAers (Electronic Arts) and ex-Telusers (Telus Communications) from U.S.A. and Canada. TrenDigi Technology Co., Ltd. was perfectly formed with the attributes of young innovation, integrity, leading, and professional. These attributes are the spirit and the culture of TrenDigi. We have well-organized plans to reach our goals step by step with good project management teams.

At TrenDigi, we pride ourselves on employing highly creative, passionate, talented and caring colleagues who work as a team, to create excellent services and products experiences for our customers.

Providing employees a good and comfortable working environment with learning, growing is always one of our goals. We believe that you too share these qualities and hope that you will join this great team and help to contribute to our ongoing success.


Be Bold

Go big | Take the right risks | Back our bets | Lead

Think Consumers First

Listen and respond | Deliver beyond their expectations | Build lifetime customers

Create Quality and Innovation

Deliver products and services that surpass expectations | Be relentless about improving quality | Take creative risks

Act with Integrity

Do the right thing | Trust others and support their decisions | Be transparent

Be Accountable

Deliver on commitments | Always do what we say | Play our positions | Deliver and reward results

Learn and Grow

Work hard, play hard | Develop yourself and others | Measure your improvement | Share knowledge generously


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